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EMCC Global Mentoring Conference
Mentoring in uncertain times - What’s needed?

27th October 2023

Wondering how mentoring can help build resilience in a changing world?  This conference is for you!

MENTORS are you looking for innovative tools, for the latest industry trends, thought leadership and insights from global practitioners?

COACHES are you wondering what it takes to start mentoring, to share knowledge with other mentors, gain insights from mentoring programs, and find tips to offer mentoring?

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Are you curious about the role of mentoring in the personal development space?

Are you torn between deciding on the boundaries of coaching and mentoring?
Do you see overlap with one spilling over the other?

Your one-stop conference to find answers to such questions.

Mentoring in uncertain times
What’s needed?

The speed of change has continued at pace. This year we are looking at what is and will be needed for mentors and mentees to navigate our changing world.

The 2023 EMCC Global Virtual Mentoring Conference theme is, “Mentoring in uncertain times – what's needed?” An exciting opportunity for mentors to share perspectives and mentoring approaches. Topics will include flexibility and adaptability, digital literacy, emotional intelligence, environment, inclusion and diversity, lifelong learning, problem-solving, resilience and mental health. There will be many others and we are excited to create a conference with genuine depth and particular relevance to mentors and mentees.

This is your opportunity to explore Mentoring.

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